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A game completed for my thesis, which focused on horror games and mental illness. The player is alone in their house at night and is unable to sleep. Before going to bed, the player must check every room in the house and make sure no one and nothing has gotten in.


Character Model - Vlad2019 from turbosquid.com

House - Dmitry Defaultt from Unity Asset Store

Furniture - Finward Studios from Unity Asset Store

Knife - David7S from turbosquid.com

Fox - arsa35 from turbosquid.com

Skybox - RPGWHITELOCK from Unity Asset Store

Animations - Kevin Iglesias from Unity Asset Store


zapsplat.com & david_werecat from freesound.org


Did I.zip 274 MB

Install instructions

Download the game. Extract the files. Run the .exe file.

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